The Camargue red rice long grain has an intense somewhat nutty taste and a naturally chewy texture.

Riz rouge de Camargue.

  • Shelf life minimum 3 days. Suitable for home freezing up to 2 months, consume within 1 day after defrosting


       Reheat the bag in a bain-marie for 4 minutes. Remove the bag from the pan with a pair of tongs and open it with the help of scissors. you can serve the rice directly in a bowl or if you want to dress it directly on a plate you can use one of the two methods below:

    1-Dress without cookie cutter

    Grease your bowl with the oil (spread the oil with a paper towel or a food brush so you don't have an unsightly excess dripping onto your plate) Put your rice in the bowl Squeeze everything with the back of a spoon Place your plate hollow face down on the bowl Place one hand flat on the back of the plate and hold the bowl with the other hand Turn everything over (the plate is now below the bowl) Gently lift

    2-Dress with a cookie cutter

    Place the cookie cutter on your plate Fill it with the ingredient you want Use a stuffer to condense the ingredients Gently remove the cookie cutter

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